Books About Dambeni
I've only found 3 books about the village of Dambeni. Two of which are written entirely in Macedonian. But that doesn't mean that's all there are. I'm sure there are some more books. If you have any information on others, please feel free to email me at

Unfortunately when I obtained these three books I had no intention of selling them through the Internet. Some people have inquired about them through my other websites, but not enough of an interest in them was made to sell them full-time. I am currently inquring about stocking 2-3 copies of each book should somebody be interested. If you are, send me an email and I will put you on a list. When I can find the books, I will email you with the costs.

Kostursko Selo Dambeni
by Lazo Pop-Janevski

This is probably the biggest and most extensive resource about the village of Dambeni. It is absolutely filled with black and white photographs of the people, the celebrations, the heroes. It is written entirely in Macedonian, and with my basic knowledge of Macedonian is too-lengthy a task for me to translate. I will be adding some photographs from this book along with captions for each photograph. It also has an extensive list of names - some of which seem to be people who emigrated from Dambeni and went where during the "begaltsi" period, a list of emigrants, and more. I will provide more information when available.


Dambeni and the Revolutionary Times in Kostursko Macedonia
by Atanas Bliznakov

This book also has lists of names and some photographs. It too is written entirely in Macedonian.

So Dambeni Vo Srtseto - With D'mbeni At Heart
by Vasko Karadza
61 pp

This is a book of poetry about the village of Dambeni. It contains both English and Macedonian versions of the poem. This booklet was sponsored by the D'mbensko Benevolent Society of Toronto Canada, founded May 28th, 1944 to honour the 50th anniversary of this organization (the book was published in 1994).

Authors Note
These spontaneous verses are actually elegies for our beautiful and unforgetable village of D'mbeni, in the vicinity of Kostur (Kastoria), no in Aegean Macedonia, Greece.

D'mbeni was burnt down in June 1948. Over 1,000 inhabitants left their homes and migrated to R. of Macedonia, Canada, Australia, U.S.A., Bulgaria, and only a small number remained in Greece. The village was mercilessly pillaged, burnt and literally leveled to the ground. After that it was colonized by new settlers.

These poems are a result of the nostalgic search for my roots. The feelings that I build my poems should not die out among the D'mbeni folk and should be carefully cherished by their descendents. We must not forget that D'mbeni, its people and their noble traditions, although often victimized, left notable traces in the turbulent History of Macedonia.

I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to the D'mbensko Benevolent Society "Selo D'mbeni" in Toronto, Canada for their financial help which made it possible for this book about D'mbeni to see its publication.

Skopje, 1993
Vasko Karadza