Links to Sites about Macedonia

Statitsa - A Decent Hardworking Proud People
Welcome to the newest addition of sites dedicated to the many proud Macedonian villages.

Banitsa : A Proud Village in Aegean Macedonia
This is another site of mine dedicated to the village that my father and grandfather were born in. Although the site has produced some controversy with regards to a Grkoman list, it is nonetheless an excellent resource of Macedonian heritage.

Biser Balkanski
Biser Balkanski was my original site when I started with the internet back in 1994, although it was called "The Makedonka" back then. It's one of the most informative resources for Macedonian culture on the Internet.

Geneaology Macedonia
Jill Jugloff has a very interesting site which deals specifically with tracing your Macedonian roots. Jill herself has relatives from the village of Dambeni.

Macedonia for the Macedonians
Find out what really happened to Macedonia. Informative articles about the history and political aspect of Macedonia and Macedonians.

Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada
This is an organization dedicated to providing free speech and human rights to Macedonians in Greece and abroad. Visit for up to date news events and incidents regarding the abuse of human rights.

United Macedonians
This is the official home page of the United Macedonians Organization of Canada. Established to unite the Macedonians in Canada and abroad you'll find their monthly newspaper, along with various events sponsored by the them.

Find out more about the village of Zhelevo in the Lerin region of Aegean Macedonia.

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